Yozma Group Korea

selects, invests, and supports promising domestic
and foreign medium and long-term growth companies
that follow global technology trends or demonstrate
high growth potential.

Global Network
  • Connecting foreign key partners to support overseas commercialization and expansion to Israel, North America, China, Japan and Singapore
  • Participate in regular and non-regular networking events
Raising corporate value of a company
  • Technical commercialization collaboration and technology application with support from Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Incubating growth through acceleration program
Support for attracting investment
  • Utilization of Domestic Investors Network
  • Attraction of overseas investors for IR
  • Yozma’s Plan to Support Investment in Overseas Funds

Our diverse investments span a wide spectrum, including cross-borders investments for globally competitive Korean, Israeli and foreign companies

Main Investment Target

Industries that meet global trends in sectors like biotech, ICT convergence, electricity/electron-related innovations, and edutech, while taking into account technological progress, market size, growth and international expansion potential

Investing Regardless of Stage

Selecting outstanding companies through Yozma’s extensive network and R&D centers, universities, and institutions

Conducting due diligence on key innovations and product commercialization potential with investment and technology experts

Securing outstanding companies and due diligence by experts

Actualizing investments in selected companies post- internal and external screenings

Execution of investment

Raising value through processes such as securing the market, marketing, and consulting on global expansion through subsidiaries

NASDAQ, KOSDAQ, JASDAQ, etc. IPO or M&A transactions

Raising investment payback success rate


Yozma Group Korea

fosters a healthy startup system by discovering startups
with potential and supporting them through processes such as
technology commercialization, investment attraction, overseas expansion, and through eventual exit.

Participate in start-up support programs with local governments, universities, enterprises, and government.
Provide an accelerator program.
Operate supportive programs for promising start-ups to expand abroad.
Enterprise Care System by Yozma Campus along with early stage investment.

Consultation & Mentorship

Customized accelerator program
Business value and business model improvement

Pitching Skill / Deck Design Mentorship

English and Korean presentation skills lecture
Mock presentations and demos

Investment for Global Expansion

Abroad local workshop
Overseas corporate establishment support
Distribution and ales connections
Joint Ventures, Foreign Investors connections


Yozma Group Korea

supports cross-border investment advisory services
for domestic companies aiming for overseas expansion

  • Discovering new growth engine
  • Attracting foreign investment
  • IPO
  • M&A


Industry and Market analysis,

Presenting optimal offers through in-depth financial and strategic analyses

Providing negotiation advice including deal terms and valuations


Presenting overseas IPO expansion strategy with cross-border listings experts

Providing a systematic solution (deal structuring)


Suggesting international expansion and foreign investment attraction strategies

Providing long-term, big-picture business strategy advice

Tech transfer

Yozma Group Korea

holds the authority to transfer and commercialize technology, which is the work of YEDA, a technology holding company of the world-renowned Weizmann Institute of Science, to Korean companies. We establish a cooperative platform for technology commercialization between the two countries to discover technologies that are highly likely to be commercialized, identify the business areas of the target companies, and match them with the technology of Wiezmann. We also support technology valuation, technology marketing, and subsequent R&D links through expert groups to facilitate the technology a process

Weizmann Institute of Science

Founded in 1934 by Chaim Weizmann, the first president and chemist of Israel.
One of the World’s Top 5 Institutes of Basic Science along with Max Planck Institute in Germany and Pasteur in France.
2,600 researchers and professors focus on basic science, including computers, mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry
More than 100 patent technology commercialization per year, 30% of which are technology transfer commercialization
37 billion dollars’ worth of sales of Weizmann Institute-based products


YEDA, the technology holding company of the Weizmann Institute of Science,
has many references to blockbuster bio and basic science and technology transfer projects with global companies.

  • Copaxone
    Development of New Drugs for Multiple Sclerosis
    → Technology transfer to TEVA
  • Rebif
    Development of New Drugs for Multiple Sclerosis
    → Commercialization of technology transferred to Merck
  • Erbitux
    Development of Targeted Anti-Cancer Drugs
    → Commercialization of technology transferred to Merck
  • Exelon
    New drug development for Alzheimer’s
    → Technology transfer to Norvatis
  • NDS Ltd.,
    Smart Card Technology for Television Set-top Boxes
    → Bought by Cisco
  • Coloright
    A hair color curating service with optical base technology for beauty
    → Acquired by L’Oreal Group

Weizmann Institute and BioLeaders

'P53 Anti-Cancer Drug' Technology Transferred

Novel Cancer Therapy by mutant•p53 Reactivation