We select, invest, and support promising domestic and foreign medium and long-term growth companies that follow global technology trends or demonstrate high growth potential.

Global Network
  • Connecting foreign key partners to support overseas commercialization and expansion to Israel, North America, China, Japan and Singapore
  • Participate in regular and non-regular networking events
Raising corporate value of a company
  • Technical commercialization collaboration and technology application with support from Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Incubating growth through acceleration program
Support for attracting investment
  • Utilization of Domestic Investors Network
  • Attraction of overseas investors for IR
  • Yozma’s Plan to Support Investment in Overseas Funds

Our Services

Main Investment Target

Industries that meet global trends in sectors like biotech, ICT convergence, electricity/electron-related innovations, and edutech, while taking into account technological progress, market size, growth and international expansion potential

Selecting outstanding companies through Yozma’s extensive network and R&D centers, universities, and institutions

Conducting due diligence on key innovations and product commercialization potential with investment and technology experts

Actualizing investments in selected companies post- internal and external screenings
Raising value through processes such as securing the market, marketing, and consulting on global expansion through subsidiaries

NASDAQ, KOSDAQ, JASDAQ, etc. IPO or M&A transactions