Established in 1948, Israel is a small country that has overcome constant conflict and shares many similarities with South Korea. Despite unfavorable circumstances, Israel has demonstrated resilience during economic crises with trademark Chutzpah, undergoing initiatives such as the Yozma Fund, Technology Incubator, Public Technology Commercialization, and Global Enterprise R&D Center to become an internationally recognized nation of start-ups and technological innovation.


The Yozma Fund was created in conjunction with the Israeli government in 1993 to support the globalization of Israeli start-ups and to foster the growth of Israel’s venture capital industry. The Fund was privatized in 1998.

Yozma Group Korea

Yigal Erlich founded Yozma Group Korea to serve as the hub for Asia region in 2015. Drawing from the Israeli-style incubation system and its global network, the company provides services in all areas, from investment to exit, in order to cultivate exponential growth by helping Korean and Asian companies make headway in the global market.


Establishment of Israel Yozma Fund

Privatization of Yozma Fund

Opening of Yozma Group’s Korean Liaison Office

Selected 10 incubating companies

Establishment of Yozma Group Korea Corporation

Selected as Hanwha S&C Start-up Planning Agency

Opening of Yozma Campus(Pangyo)
Hanyang University ERICA Campus Incubating Operation
Bio-specialized TIPS operator

Accelerating operation of Daegu Center for Creative Economy & Innovation
Yozma-Israeli Embassy’s Opening of ‘Start Tel Aviv 2017’ Start-up Contest

Corporation Registration for Yozma Group Singapore

Creation of Numerous Yozma Global Funds

Hosted “Israel Day” Program for ABF IN SEOUL

Formation of Yozma Global Fund

Addition of Global AC business with Gyeongbuk TP, Ulsan TP, Gyeongbuk Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, etc.

Yozma Group Singapore’s Acquisition of Open-end Fund (VCC) Licenses

Ran K-Global Accelerator programs & executed seed investment

Operation of Jeonbuk Global Venture Acceleration Project

Carried out Gyeongbuk SME, Venture Support Project and Supported their Global Expansion

Operation of Pohang Global Valuechain Program