Our foreign academic and business leader partners
are pivotal in our success by providing
their invaluable industry expertise and networks.


Yongmun Kim

Big Basin Capital
Yongmun is a global investment expert who has been active in leading overseas investment management companies like Credit Suisse and UBS. His main interests lie in the AI, Fintech sectors.

Hyung-sup Shim MD, PhD

Professor and doctor of the Catholic University of Korea's College of Medicine
Dr. Shim is a tenured professor and doctor of plastic surgery at the Catholic University of Korea Medical School.

Jin Hee Jeon, MD

Head of Yonsei B&A Medical Center
After completing her master's degree in intellectual property (management) at KAIST's Graduate School of Strategic Studies and MD degree from Yonsei University's Wonju Medical School, Dr.Jeon is currently serving as the head of Yonsei B&A Medical Center, specializing in dermatology and family medicine.

Ogan Gurel, MD, MPhil

Professor at DGIST & the Solbridge International School of Business
Dr. Gurel, with a BA in Biochemistry from Harvard (with the 2013 Nobel laureate Prof. Martin Karplus) and MD & MPhil from Columbia University, is a medical scientist and healthcare innovator with more than 30 years of experience in strategic consulting, executive and R&D at leading organizations worldwide including the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, the Institut Laue-Langevin, Booz Allen Hamilton and the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology.


Jongrok Yun

Chair-professor at Gachon University, former Vice President of the Future Creation Science Department, former Vice President of KT
Jongrok Yun is credited with leading the modernization of Korea's telecommunications network at KT and has since served in various positions. He has worked as a high-profile government official in the information and communications division, and as the former second vice minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning, and the former vice president of KT.

John Jongtae Ko

CEO of Hanguk Regency CO and Regency Asia
Jongtae Ko is a management expert in charge of marketing at SPC Paris Croissant and Doosan Seagram also currently serving as CEO of Regency Korea and Regency Asia.

Jaesun Yu

CEO of Michang
As the CEO of Michang Oil, Jaesun has served as senior vice president of the Korea Lubricating Oil Industries Association.

Taegyu Kim

CEO of Nature's Family
A former director at the World Business Management Development Institute, Taegyu Kim is a management expert who served as a consultant for the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and currently is the CEO of Nature’s Family.

Jungsik Oh

Former Standing Auditor | Woori Bank
After graduating from Seoul National University with a degree in financial trading, Jungsik has served as the head of Citibank Korea's Risk Management division, as vice president of Corporate Finance division, as the CEO of KB Capital, and as a standing auditor of Woori Bank.

Mordechai Sheves

Professor at Weizmann Institute of Science
Professor Modechai Sheves has been an organic chemistry scientist and professor at the Weizmann Research Institute since 1981 and served as the vice president of technology transfer at the Weisman Research Institute from 2006 to 2019.

Ronen Shilo

Founder & CEO | Engineers from Israel's Conduit, Como Israel Technion Institute of Technology
Ronen Shilo is Israeli entrepreneur and software engineer. He founded Conduit, which is an online platform company that develops mobile apps for free. Conduit has grown to become Israel’s largest Internet company with $1.3 billion in enterprise value and 260 million users as of 2013.

Roni Einav

Serial entrepreneur, Chairman | Einav Hi Tec Assets
A graduate of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Roni is a seial entrepreneur who has founded more than a dozen software companies, including NDS. He is currently working at a technology venture investment firm.