Plataine, a leading provider of AI-based solutions for advanced manufacturing, is honored to host a prestigious delegation from the Jeonbuk-Jeolla Province in Korea.

Plataine and Jonghoon Kim, Vice Governor for Economic Affairs, seek to jointly advance AI-based, Smart Factory initiatives in the Jeonbuk Province and therefore, the parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance technology adoption leading to production efficiency.

The visit of the delegation was hosted in Israel with the support of YOZMA GROUP KOREA. Yozma Group entered the Korean market in 2014 and established YOZMA GROUP KOREA, an investment company and company builder. To strengthen the role of connecting Israeli innovative tech with Korea’s leading industrial ecosystem, it recently opened a consulting arm in Israel called Yozma Innovation Center.

In a collaborative effort with the provincial government and manufacturing enterprises, Plataine aims to revolutionize the manufacturing sector by leveraging advanced AI technologies. The initiative encompasses three key aspects: first, fostering collaboration with local authorities and industry players; second, promoting investment opportunities within the province; and third, establishing partnerships with local universities and colleges to support research and provide education on manufacturing management and latest AI technologies for manufacturing staff.

Avner Ben-Bassat, CEO of Plataine, expresses his excitement about this significant cooperation and synergy. He states, “We are thrilled to host Vice Governor for Economic Affairs, Jonghoon Kim, and his esteemed delegation. Signing the MoU symbolizes the shared vision of Plataine and the province to drive innovation in the manufacturing sector.”