Company at a Glance


Doron Myersdorf

Founding Date



Israel (HQ), California (R&D)

Major Business

Extreme Fast Charging EV Batteries

Key Members

Carl-Peter Forster

Executive Chairman

- Former Group CEO of TATA Motors
- Former Group Vice President of GM


Doron Myersdorf

CEO, Founder

- Ph.D. in Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
- Former Director of SanDisk SSD Business Division

Daniel Aronov


- Former semiconductor company R&D chief
- Ph.D. in Physical Electronics at Tel Aviv University

David Lee


- Founding member of Li-ion battery project at Samsung SDI
- Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from the Rutgers University

Investment Highlight

01. Developer of Extreme Fast Charging (“XFC”) EV batteries, enabled by replacing the graphite dominant anode with nano-size silicon particles (100 miles charged in 5 minutes, 80% charged under 10 minutes)
02. Key investors and partners include but not limited to: Daimler, Volvo, BP, Polestar, VinFast, Samsung Ventures, OLA, TDK, Yozma Group, EVE Energy
03. On Polestar Day in Nov, 2023, Polestar and Storedot co-announced that they will showcase Storedot’s XFC battery technology in Polestar 5 prototype, Polestar’s next flagship high-performance EV car

Main Products

In 2024   100in5 technology (100 miles charged in 5 minutes) production readiness

In 2026   100in4 technology (100 miles charged in 4 minutes) production readiness

In 2028   100in3 technology (100 miles charged in 3 minutes) production readiness

In 2032   100in2 technology (100 miles charged in 3 minutes) production readiness


Press Release


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Jay Park   [email protected]

Yozma Group Korea    [email protected]