Tech Transfer


We hold the authority to transfer and commercialize technology, which is the work of YEDA, a technology holding company of the world-renowned Weizmann Institute of Science, to Korean companies. We establish a cooperative platform for technology commercialization between the two countries to discover technologies that are highly likely to be commercialized, identify the business areas of the target companies, and match them with the technology of Wiezmann. We also support technology valuation, technology marketing, and subsequent R&D links through expert groups to facilitate the technology a process.

World's Top Institute of Basic Science

Weizmann Institute of Science

Founded in 1934 by Chaim Weizmann, the first president and chemist of Israel. One of the World’s Top 3 Institutes of Basic Science along with Max Planck Institute in Germany and Pasteur in France. 3,800 researchers and professors focus on basic science, including biology, chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics·computer science and physics. More than 70 patent technology commercialization per year, 25% of which are technology transfer commercialization 30 billion dollars’ worth of sales of Weizmann Institute-based products

YEDA Technology Transfer


YEDA, the technology holding company of the Weizmann Institute of Science, has many references to blockbuster bio and basic science and technology transfer projects with global companies.


Development of New Drugs for Multiple Sclerosis
→ Technology transfer to TEVA


New drug development for Alzheimer’s
→ Technology transfer to Norvatis


Development of New Drugs for Multiple Sclerosis
→ Commercialization of technology transferred to Merck

NDS Ltd.,

Smart Card Technology for Television Set-top Boxes
→ Bought by Cisco


Development of Targeted Anti-Cancer Drugs
→ Commercialization of technology transferred to Merck


A hair color curating service with optical base technology for beauty
→ Acquired by L’Oreal Group


In a Bio-conference held in 2019, Bioleaders & Weizmann Institute signed an MOU to collaborate on technology transfer for P53 anti-cancer treatment
  • One of Yozma’s portfolio companies, Bioleaders is a drug-discovery company that focused on drugs related to cervical cancer. Through this MOU, they seek to incorporate YEDA’s patented technology related to P53 treatment
  • By forming a JV with Quintrigen, Bioleaders plans to expand its business beyond cervical cancer. They also hope to utilize the gained network in Israel to boost their business, and down the line, explore possibilities for international IPO and M&A transactions with foreign entities