Yozma Innovation Center

Yozma Innovation Center, which opened in November 2022, is a Business Consulting & Advisory Arm of Yozma Group Korea based in Israel.




Strategically combine the strengths of Israel and Korea. Israel is the Startup Nation, the hotbed for innovative technology, while Korea is a manufacturing hub for the world, the cradle of the best industrial products



Deliver on our promise to invest in the most innovative Israeli companies, and our passion to bring them to work with the largest companies in Korea & Asia


Positive Changes

Make a profound impact on Korea-Israel economic relations and make a difference in real-world tech challenges


Win-Win Effect

Pursue the upside both for our investors as well as our portfolio companies and partners

Value Proposition

Hitting the Sweet Spot of Israel and Korea Cooperation

What we do

Partner Scouting

We provide a professional analysis of your business and tech needs and identify best-matched partners in your value chains, i.e., academic partnerships, JVs, IP scouting or acquisitions.

Investment Scouting & Support

We provide Israeli startups consultation for fundraising and source deals for CVC investment. We accordingly support due diligence on potential investment in Israel and continue to give support after investment.

International Business Advisory

If you are looking to see the market opportunity for business expansion or looking for a local business set-up and operation service either in Israel or Korea, we provide legal & regulatory compliance advisory and PR communication support and consulting.

Open Innovation Consulting

For those who are eager to learn best practices in innovation, we provide benchmark case studies, support setting up meetings/site inspections in Israel, Israeli tech Roadshow in Korea, and other market intelligence.