Biotechnology & Healthcare

Founded in 1999, BioLeaders specializes in treating immuno-cancer drugs with new drug platforms such as MucoMAX and HumaMAX. Using Mucomax, it is developing a treatment for cervical cancer ‘BLS-M07’ and a treatment for myotrophic lateral sclerosis ‘BLS-M22’, and is conducting clinical 2b and clinical 1st, respectively. Meanwhile, with YEDA, a technology holding company of Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, it has established Quintrigen, an Israeli joint venture, to develop a new concept of anticancer drugs through the regeneration of the cancer-suppression gene ‘p53’. BioLeaders is stepping up its efforts to create synergy with related companies such as TCM Life Sciences, a company specializing in in vitro diagnosis that sells COVID-19 diagnostic kits, NextBT, a company specializing in health functional foods, and Natural F&P, which studies functional cosmetics.