SCM Lifescience

Biotechnology & Healthcare

SCM Lifesciences is a stem cell research and development company established in 2008 with the original technology for separation of high-purity stem cells and manufacture of treatments. The main pipeline consists of transplantation host disease (GVHD), acute pancreatitis, atopic dermatitis, acute respiratory distress syndrome, liver cirrhosis, type 1 diabetes, and metastatic kidney cancer treatment ‘CMN-001’ and acute lymphocytic leukemia treatment ‘CAR-CIK-CD19’. It also developed treatments for acute respiratory distress syndrome, including corona19 and sepsis. In February 2019, it established Coimune, a U.S. joint venture, with Genexine, added an immuno-cancer drug pipeline and entered the related market, and Coimune acquired Formula, Italy’s next-generation ‘CAR-T’ developer, in January, 2020.